Connecting to opportunities that are extant and yet to be developed.



  • To educate Latinos on the methods of entrepreneurial development by incorporating ongoing changes in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • To ensure that Latinos are able to enjoy the fruits of their creativity and energy by providing them a vehicle by which they can come together with other like-minded persons and develop their creative capacities to the fullest extent possible.

  • To build collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations that will help our members realize their individual dreams.

  • To open the avenues to investment opportunities by constantly developing relationships with individuals and organizations who are willing to invest in Latino creativity.



Find out about our organization and the people behind our organization.

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Our objectives for the years 2017-2019 are to:

  • Initiate collaborative opportunities with supportive organizations.

  • Host a conference at an institution of higher learning that will launch a long and productive relationship to achieve mutual goals.

  • Involve every stakeholder in the advancement of the vision by including them in the opportunities that become available.

  • Identify, collect and distribute opportunities by all means possible.

  • Inform the general public of the scope of the work that is being performed.



To engage the Latino community in the sciences, technology, engineering, arts  and mathematics industries on a global scale.

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  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Education

  • Social Equity

  • Collaboration

Our Team

Chester Antonio Ruiz: Co-Founder

Son of immigrants from Nicaragua who sacrificed all to give him and his siblings the American Dream of education, citizenship and prosperity. As the beneficiary of his parents’ hard work which insured he had a part of the American Dream, Chester’s legacy is to empower immigrants to attain it. As the Midwest Boycott Coordinator, headquartered in Chicago, he walked shoulder to shoulder with Cesar Chavez in the 1960’s. He has dedicated his life’s work of advocacy to creating opportunity and solutions so that his children and their children’s children and all can participate in the American Dream as he did. He is a proven leader adept at bringing “communities” together and building organizations from the ground up. Chester was instrumental in helping build the largest trade organization of its kind, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) which has over 20,000 members nationwide and 35 chapters. As a passionate and visionary leader Chester is widely respected and known as a “Trusted Advisor” to multicultural communities. Chester is currently the Co-Founder, CEO. of DreamerLogix, inc of Latino Empowering Enterprise dedicated to expanding access to the American Dream.  

Margarita H. Colmenares: Co-Founder

Ms. Colmenares is a sustainability and strategy thought leader who has had multiple start-up experiences and held senior leadership positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. She is skilled at developing partnerships and collaborations that create synergy and leverage resources. She is an inspirational and motivational public speaker.  She has consulted or led business development efforts for emerging clean techs in renewables, storage, software, energy efficiency, water and policy.

As an advocate of experiential environmental education she is a former sustainability director at a large urban school district and has piloted green teams and hands-on systems thinking projects aimed at teaching children to think critically, solve problems and become eco-leaders. She has served twice as a political appointee under different Presidential administrations. As Director Corporate Liaison, she was the Secretary of Education’s representative to business and education leaders. Significant key initiatives were launched in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

She is also a former White House Fellow.  During her tenure as National President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, a STEM non-profit, SHPE experienced significant growth in membership, sponsorships and leadership development.  At Chevron, she was at the leading edge in creating EMS systems to minimize environmental impact through facilities design, construction, operations, regulatory compliance, training and engagement of multiple stakeholders. Her corporate experience spans sustainability/corporate responsibility, manufacturing, marketing, operations, chemicals and executive management development. She graduated from Stanford University, School of Engineering. Her circuitous path to becoming an engineer has been profiled in numerous publications targeting women and minority youth.

Arturo Aleman: Co-Founder

Mr. Aleman is known for building organizational capacity of small, medium and large governmental organizations as well as working with private and nonprofit corporations.  He is the co-founder of several nonprofit organizations in the Native American and Latino communities.  He is a community activist involved in civic and economic engagement.  He has worked at the local and state level of government in many capacities, including serving as an appointee of California Governors.

 An expert in Equal Employment Opportunity, Mr. Aleman has conducted more than 100 complaint investigations on the basis of protections under federal, state and local statutes, including health and safety employees and organizations.  His policy development in this area is substantial.  Mr. Aleman has conducted diversity studies for energy organizations and has been involved in organizing many conferences and symposiums on issues such as Recreation, STEM, Environmental Justice issues, EEO, Human Resources, and education.